Showcase Recital Info

2016 Student Showcase Recital
The annual CPTO Student Showcase Recital will be held on Sunday, February 21st at the Westlake Porter Public Library.  
The recital is open to all students of current CPTO members, with a limit of 5 participants per teacher.  
There is a $15 application fee per student.


Purpose:   The purpose of the Student Showcase Recital is to encourage and reward students for their hard work and accomplishment 

in piano study.   The recital is a place for teachers to showcase their best students, where the students can share their love of music and 

inspire each other toward greater accomplishment.  


Requirements:  Piece must be memorized and be no longer than 4 minutes in length.  Music with numbered measures must be 
provided for the judges.  A photocopy of the music must be sent with the application:  one page if it's something very 
familiar, such as a Clementi Sonatina;  2 or 3 pages if it's a lesser known work.  This will help to ensure that the student is placed
in the correct level. 


Levels:  Students will be divided into 6 groups by level of ability: Late Elementary, Early Intermediate, Intermediate, 
Late Intermediate, Early Advanced, and Advanced.  Teachers will indicate level of ability on the application form.   
CPTO will make the final determination of student groupings.  
NEW GUIDELINES for all levels are listed on a new webpage.  Click on Showcase Recital Guidelines in the left column.


Prizes:  A cash prize of $40 will be awarded for the best performance in each group.  The winner in each category is not  
necessarily the most advanced in his/her group, but the one who demonstrates mastery over their recital piece in the following  
areas:  Poise, Note Accuracy, Rhythm, Dynamics, Articulation, Balance, Tone and Musicality.  The piece selected should  
demonstrate the student’s best abilities and must be performed from memory.  CPTO strives to encourage the study and 
appreciation of classical music.  Although a purely classical piece is not required, note that some judges may look more 
favorably on a selection from standard piano literature.
New Rule:  Students may win a prize only ONCE in each level.  They may play again in a level in which they have won, 
but will not be eligible for a prize, and will be listed on the program as a "Past Winner."
Each application must include 4 items:  entry form, performer's comment sheet, photocopy of music, and $15 fee;
and must be sent to the Treasurer by February 1st.  Entry form & performer's comment sheet may be downloaded below. 
Send 4-item application to:
                       Lynette Gray, 32312 Redwood Dr.,  Avon Lake, OH  44012
     Questions can be directed to Sally Knurek at [email protected]

Every teacher who submits an application for the recital will be assigned a responsibility for recital day 
by the CPTO President.  Jobs and order of performers will be posted online one week before the recital.
  Click on Calendar in the L column, scroll to the recital date, click on the 8th note above the date.

  Click the file name to save the file to your computer.  PDFs require the Adobe Reader, which can be downloaded here.