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Wynn-Anne Rossi Event

July 22, 2016

Teachers & students found Alfred Music composer

Wynn-Anne Rossi to be as interesting and unique as her music!

Rose Pham, Janet Sima, Wynn-Anne Rossi, Carey Wentzel, Helen Herbst       Some of the nine student participants with Ms. Wynn-Anne                    

                                        Elise & Ellie, both 12, after their "Crystal Lake" duet performance                  Beatrice ("BB"), age11, played "Sparklers in the Night"                                                        

Olivia, age 10, played "Faithful Friend" - Helen Herbst as page turner                                Caroline, age 11, played "Labradoodle"                         

 Ellie,12 - played "Swirling Leaves   ---   Bethany,13 - "Salida del Sol" (Sunrise)   ---    Kurt,11 - "Spirit of the Mountain Stream"

Taylor, 16 - "Atacama Desert"                                                Sam, 8 - original composition "Invention"                

                                                                         Our appreciative audience                                        Our giant cookie says "We love Ms. Wynn-Anne's Music"                                                                                      

Wynn-Anne enjoyed chatting with teacher Sally Knurek and autographed books for both teachers and students.