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Photo Gallery 2013-14

September 13th Meeting

1. Program Coordinators, Lisa & Jan with Sally, President.
2. Lisa presents some Fall favorites. 

3. Members gathered in the Craft Room.  4.  Patti turns pages for Jan & Lisa.       

5.  Another view of the business meeting.
October 11th Meeting

It's the Craft Room again.   Jan introduces speaker Coren Mino.

Coren Mino shares her piano teaching tips as members take notes.

November 9th Meeting
The meeting was held at Skyline Music for the first time.
L - Jan talks about our Meet the Composer event in April.
R -  Patti is ready to play some pieces by Carolyn Miller.

Debbie Walsh plays some solos;  Jan & Patti team up on some duets.

 L - This meeting brought out the teacher in Martha!  R- Ashley is in good spirits!
CPTO's Capable Crew of Pianists who played music by Carolyn Miller
L to R:  Debbie Walsh, Ashley Baker, Jan Sima, Patti Maroli, & Martha Custer
Thank you for taking part in the presentation!

January 10th Meeting
 Sally conducts the business meeting. It's January, but it looks sunny in here!

The 15 members in attendance had lots to share.

March 15th Meeting


President Sally conducts a short business meeting before introducing Rosemary Hozdic,
who talked about "The Brain, the Piano Student & You."

May 9th Luncheon

CPTO Members agree that the atmosphere and food are always good at Legacy Club Restaurant.