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Photo Gallery 2012-13

 September 14
                           Sally's dog, Lucy, likes being the center of attention.                 Members meet in Sally's living room.
Lisa demonstrates a card game - Scream!
October 12
                          Jan runs the meeting while Helen and Martha look on.           Members look like they're paying attention!
                         New member, Debbie, after playing her Vandall pieces.  Martha, the host, has some Vandall pieces to share, too.
Jan and Martha collaborate on some Vandall duets.
November 9
Members gather and share a laugh.
Ashley & Jan read through some duets.                      Ashley & Martha whip through more duets.
Lisa & Patti M. present more duets.                              Patti M. & Jan share a few more favorites.
Sally gets into the act as page turner.                         Janet Campbell-Kuhl arrived after getting lost!
Members took home a long list (8+ pages) of teacher-recommended duets!!!
Due to the quantity of duets, the Music for One Hand Alone will be presented in January.
January 11
          Members assemble for the business meeting.      Jan plays an original piece and some music for One Hand.
Noel impresses us with the complexity of his original composition, Summer Nocturne.
Patti and Lisa play a duet with a One Hand Alone student part.   Lisa plays excerpts from more One Hand Alone pieces.

February 24
see Showcase Recital photos under "Recital Winners" in L column
March 8
         CPTO members meet in Debbie Walsh's beautiful dining room.     Jerry gives a sample of an accompaniment improvised with chords.

Jerry Swinerton
April 13, Saturday
Our Robert Vandall event was a huge success!
May 10
LUNCHEON & Election of Officers

                                                 Bucca Di Beppo was quite the colorful place to have lunch!