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Photo Gallery 2011-12

September 10 Meeting
In addition to the usual agenda, President Jan Sima shares
an interesting message from the book, The Talent Code by Daniel Coyle.
As you can see from the good turnout, we're growing!!!
Once again, we enjoyed being in the warm atmosphere of Ashley Baker's studio.
Lisa Berghaus plays excerpts from her PUPIL SAVERS list.
Members took home a list of over 125 pieces recommended by other teachers.
*     *     *     *     * 
Helen Herbst was the winner of the $25 Skyline gift certificate!
October 14 Meeting 
Lynette Gray shows us  on the BIG board.  It's like being in school again for CPTO members!
Jan Bis and Martha Custer try out some games.  Looks like Patti Maroli finds the games fun!

A member shares some other websites with free things for piano teachers. Lynette draws a name and the winner of the 4-month free website trial is Jan Bis.

Business meeting in the Craft Room
November 11 Meeting 
CPTO Members listen to Alfred composer Kathy Holmes in MJ's comfy living room.

Kathy plays her published & soon-to-be published pieces. Jan teams up with Kathy on duets.

MJ and Lynette look over Kathy's published pieces.

January 20 Meeting
Members discuss the Showcase Recital and other items
 on the agenda around Jan's dining room table.
Members pass around books with Movie Themes, Show Tunes & Pop Hits.
February 12 - Student Showcase Recital
Students await the start of the Showcase Recital.
Patti Maroli, Recital Coordinator.      The judges ponder some points.
And the official winners are: Back row, Maggie Underwood, Makito Osuka, Marika Atwah;
Front row:  Alex Luo and Mira Atwah ... and they all WOWed the judges and audience!
Many other performers were splendid as well.  It was truly a fine recital.
March 9 Meeting
Members share ideas.
Even Penny didn't fall asleep during the report! 
April 20 Meeting
Meeting in the Dover Room at Porter Library

Nothing fancy, but a productive planning session for the Piano Olympics.

May 11 Meeting & Luncheon
CPTO Members at Viva Fernando Restaurant
 Our youngest guest in RH corner - little Soren Wentzel