Lending Library

Beginning Level
Conducting Cards Identify music characteristics Beg  
Dog Bone Rhythms Clap Rhythms Beg - 1  
Find the Note Lines and Spaces Identification Beg - 1 A-G as line or space note
Finger Dice Game Roll dice and play those fingers Beg  
Finger Finder Identify hand, finger, and letter Beg
Leaves Match Up 7 letters match to the keyboard Beg
Money Flashcards Identify symbols and collect money Beg - 3
Monster Eyes Note Values 3 felt globs with eyes Beg
Music Match Identify 4 notes and their counts Beg
Note Match Match Keyboard to grand staff Beg - 2
Over the Edge Identify intervals or note values Beg - 2 2 people or more board game
Piano Hand Hunt Find finger cards and play them Beg
Scavenger Hunt Match symbols to definitions Beg - 2 Treasure Hunt
Sight-Reading Fingers Identify finger and play Beg
Stems Identify how to draw stems Beg
Step Skipping Game Identify a step or skip Beg - 1
Stop Bugging Me Rhythm Board Game Beg - 1
Level 1
Accidental Ewe Identify sharps and flats 1
Bats and Cats Bingo with a rhythm card 1 - 3 Visual rhythm identification
Boo Clap rhythms Halloween game 1
Bug Flashcards Pointer for note to match flashcards 1 - 2 Match staff notes to keybard
Christmas Train Flashcards match the letters on a train 1
Grand Staff Pass Keyboard match to notes on a grand staff 1 - 2
Happy New Year Hat Symbols to define and cover a party hat 1
Note Value Pie Complete measures with rhythm values 1
Penguin Notes Flashcards to letters A-G treble clef 1
Rhythm Pizza Whole to 1/16 notes pieces to complete a measure All Combinations to form a 4/4 measure including rests
Rhythm Roll Bingo of rhythm values with dice 1
Seasonal Word Match words to their rhythms 1
Tic-Tac-Toe Symbols and Definitions 1
Treble/Bass Notes Identify Grand Staff 1
Level 2-3
Amazing Instruments Board and cards asking about instrument 2 Instrument families
Bunny Hop Identify instrument families 3
Hand Placement Pick cards and play them at piano 2 - 4
It's a Strange Story Match terms to the definitions 3
Musicland Board game of music definitions 3 - 4
Paint Brushes Match symbols to definitions 3
Holiday Games
Christmas Flashcards Identify grand staff 1 - 3 Christmas
Christmas Tree Match letters to flashcards Beg Christmas
Find the Mistake Christmas carols with wrong notes 3 Christmas
Trim the Tree 3 levels of cards to match A-G Beg - 2 Christmas
Snowman Bingo Identify staff notes 1 Christmas
Snowman/Reindeer Identify rhythms/intervals Beg Christmas
Pumpkin Rhythms Clap basic rhythms Beg Halloween
Eyeball Fingers Pick a ball, identify the finger Beg Halloween
Halloween Web Treble Clef notes 1 Halloween
Candy Corn Match keyboard to letter names 1 - 2 Halloween
Candy Corn Fingers Pick a card, match to candy corn Beg Halloween
Turkey Terms Identify music terms Beg - 3 Thanksgiving
Valentine Notes Flashcard with heart notes 1 - 2 Valentines Day

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